3 Tips To Consider Before Listing Your House:

Lisa Creed
Lisa Creed
Published on March 19, 2020

how to sell your home

Listing Your Home For Sale

When it comes to its value, there are many things to consider.  You need to look at your goals, get professional advice and be open to their suggestions. Most Realtors understand that regardless of size and amenities, your HOME or the places we live will always carry great importance. For that very reason, they also know the process of selling or buying is not to be taken lightly. Instead of jumping head-first yourself, make sure to examine things from both a professional point of view as well as from a BUYER’S point of view. Who better to help you do that than a trusted agent experienced in your market area.

It would certainly be ideal to be able to plan a sale beforehand and to give yourself enough time to figure out every detail. Unfortunately, many such transactions happen out of need and are caused by an important event in the life of a family, like bringing a child into the world, marriage or in some cases, the death of a family member. Even without the luxury of premeditating your every move, here are a few pointers in case you want to sell your home:

1.Be Absolutely Sure You Want To

As stated above, selling one’s home is a big step. Before starting the process of listing your house, you’ll want to make sure that this is really what you want and that it will have the desired effect for you. Think ahead and plan accordingly. Did you settle on a new home already or at least made sure you have narrowed down your choices? If not, take a step back and think it over. Your agent can help you with timing things and advise you on things like timing so you know when you need to be in serious search mode.  But at the very least you need to discuss what would happen if your home sells quickly.

Without a clear notion of what you want, you might be tempted to just test the waters. That usually involves over-evaluating your home and placing it on the market with a much higher price than it should have. This is something no real estate agent would ever recommend. Since living spaces are expensive, buyers will, much more often than not, be informed and have at least a ballpark idea of how much your home is really worth. So ‘testing the market’ is not a great plan – in fact it can be detrimental to your overall goals.

There’s little room for trial and error in real estate, and that’s because you’ll carry your history with you. Even if you later drop the price for your home, the listings will show the previous entries and potential buyers will interpret the change badly, either by assuming there is something wrong with the property or by thinking that the seller is not being straight-forward with them.  Perception will prevent them from even asking questions.  Buyers are looking for homes to eliminate – they are naturally trying to NARROW down their choices.  A false perception is hard to overcome. It’s like trying catch a cloud.

2.If You Have The Chance, Plan Ahead And Observe The Market

Some changes sneak their way into your life and compel you to take action, but others give you enough time to prepare. The addition of a new family member or a change in the place of employment are such fortunate cases that allow you to do your research and make the most out of the sale.

Don’t just throw your home out there the moment you realize you’ll have to sell, not unless you have to. There’s always something to be done around the house to increase that property’s value  and net you more money once you do sell, from a new coat of paint to replacing bathroom tiles to the shingles on the roof.  Preparing your home for the best possible showings presents a strong message to buyers.  That message is vital to their attraction and eventually effects your bottom line.

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A real estate agent can come to your aid in regards to watching the market, see what the competition is up to and when is the ideal time for you to place the home on the market. Keeping an eye on other sellers can also give you a good idea on just how many buyers are out and about looking for a new place to live.

3.The Demand Is Always There, No Matter The Month

While you may dread the idea of moving in the winter, especially if you live in areas with a harsh climate, selling your home then could be more profitable. That’s because the number of buyers does not drop drastically, however there aren’t nearly as many sellers. If able, try to assess the situation and the market as bet as possible. Professional help really comes in handy here. And most importantly, if you intend to maximize your profit -don’t sell in a hurry.  Buyers will certainly take advantage of your urgency to sell with low offers and high demands.  Of course sometimes the urgency of your situation cannot be helped ,which is another reason to have an agent in your corner to advise you and implement the best strategies for your circumstances.

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Real Estate in general is much like the Rabbit and the Hare story .. slow and steady wins the race. If you rush the sale and don’t get your property in decent enough shape, you will miss an opportunity of getting more money from it. If you let feelings get a hold of you and dictate the price, you’ll not only miss the chance to sell, but also have that mistake follow you for the future, possible transaction. Be patient and cerebral, make a plan and stick to it, the desired result will be just around the corner.

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