How to disinfect your home for corona virus

Lisa Creed
Lisa Creed
Published on April 8, 2020

Quick tips to stay safe !

Maybe you already did a deep clean when the news about the Corona Virus came out. And maybe you’re thinking – since I am social distancing and not going out much … how often do you really need to disinfect your home?
First, there is a difference in cleaning (getting rid of dirt etc) and disinfecting. When you are disinfecting you are trying to get rid of germs so pay attention to the surfaces mentioned below that you touch the most but might also forget. Also at the bottom of this article is my home-made sanitizing wipes!
We know that the virus can live on different surfaces for various lengths of time so right now I am personally sanitizing these areas a couple of times a day. Even though I am “Staying Home and Staying Safe” I am still going out on rare, short trips to the grocery etc. So I am trying to hit these areas as much as possible. I leave my wipes and spray close to the door as more of a REMINDER … to wipe the surfaces down.

I’m also spraying down my Amazon delivery or our food packages before bringing them inside.

Don’t forget your cell phone! These are probably the easily forgotten and most needed since they touch your face, hands, surfaces etc.

Home-Made Sanitizing Wipes

I KNEW I have been saving my big Folger’s Coffee containers for some reason – NOW I KNOW WHY! LOL I took a roll of paper towels – removed the center and actually needed to cut down the length of the roll to fit. (I didn’t waste the cut portion – I use those in my car in a CREAMER container! Can you tell I LOVE MY COFFEE!

My Recipe…

I mixed 1 qt water to 4 tsp. of bleach. ( you can use also 70% isopropyl alcohol or straight hydrogen peroxide) I poured this over and into my Folger’s coffee container saturating the paper towels. I also decided to cut small slits in the center of the lid . NOT SO PRO TIP: Pull from the center of the towel roll 🙂

Stay Safe My Friends! We will get this through this together!!

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