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Lisa Creed
Lisa Creed
Published on January 14, 2020

Are you considering selling your home and considering using one of the new ibuying services or perhaps a CASH Investor Offer?

Here are some things to consider…

The old real estate adage ” LOCATION LOCATION LOCATION ” is still true today!

Here’s another reliable principle when selling your home…

As a full time, local agent for more than 20 years – I take pricing your home seriously – and so should you!

We don’t take it lightly because we know a thing or two about selling a home. bum ba dum bum bum bum bum (yes, like the Farmer’s commercial- LOL) We spend time going over the REAL data that is relevant to your property. We don’t do an automated valuation using crazy algorithms we don’t trust. We use ALL the SOLD data and because Texas is a non disclosure state the true sold data and information is still not public. (no, not even Zestimates are truly accurate) Plus I am a REALTOR in your corner who has experience to guide you through the entire process.

Time On Market
time is money

Pricing your home correctly will help determine TIME ON THE MARKET. Of course, the longer your home sits on the market the harder it may become to sell and of course the more money it costs in house payments, taxes, insurance,utility and upkeep etc. But price it too low and you send the desperate message that is like blood in the water to the sharks swimming by.

Consider The Options

A true pricing strategy must also include and consider information about the condition of the property, updates, additions and other pertinent facts and details.
When there are major repairs and you are not prepared to address them – then your pricing strategy may need to be an AS IS status, but that doesn’t always mean it’s a complete FIRE SALE. There are options in the middle and we are both prepared and experienced to lead you.

We also work with cash investors who flip and some who ‘hold’ property for leasing. There is a difference both in what they plan to do with the home and how much money they will offer. Not all cash buyers are created equal.

iBuyer Companies (Quick Cash versus True Market Value)
Although it may sound easy and convenient to accept an online i buyer offer – don’t be fooled – there’s a high cost for that. These companies will typically tack on at least a 7-8 percent “convenience fee” and then reduce their offer another $5,000-15,000 for repairs. They usually come in about 10-15% under the True Market Value under the guise of cosmetic updates etc…then later bring up the cost of repairs etc. So, while the first number they offer looks competitive — it may not be as attractive as you think. Keep in mind, they are in business to make money and not afraid to exaggerate the home selling process as well as the repair costs to get their offer accepted. You need to know what the COST of convenience really is. You need to know the TRUE Market Value first before considering the QUICK Cash Value so you can fully know the difference.

“When we elevate convenience over wisdom — I believe we de-value the place we call HOME.”

Selling your home to net the most money means you will reap the most from your investment. We will help you consider all the options and promise to bring honest answers and solutions.

Of course I can give you a quick estimate or “range of value” if you are just curious about what your home is worth- but when you are serious about selling your home and netting the most money, you will need more.
You deserve more.

I will do a full Marketing and Pricing Consultation which includes:

  • A full walk through of your home
  • A detailed Marketing Plan explained
  • A Pricing Strategy with stats and recent comparable property data
  • A Staging Plan
  • Timeline and an Ultimate Listing Blueprint


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