Why You Need A Buyer Specialist

Lisa Creed
Lisa Creed
Published on May 26, 2020
Why Keller homebuyers need their own agent to represent them.

Why do you need your own buyers agent when purchasing a home in Northeast Tarrant County. www.creedteamdfw.com

You may not have thought about why it’s so important to have your own agent in your corner when buying a home. Here are some great reasons and a little information about how to go about choosing one!

When it’s time to find and purchase a new home you will most likely start your search (like thousands of others) online. You may even decide to click on the agent info on one of the listings you find. Or you may call or text an agent from the sign in the yard of a home you are interested in. The listing agent or Seller’s agent was hired to market the home and of course represent the seller’s best interest. I’m not suggesting that they cannot help you – because they can. I explain it to my clients that you could represent yourself in court and “share” one attorney – but do you want to ? Is that in YOUR best interest? In Texas you can be represented in 4 different ways: LEARN MORE Seller Representation, Buyer Representation, Intermediary or Sub Agency.

What should you look for in a BUYER AGENT?

You can randomly select an agent from an online search or even go meet a few agents before deciding if you want to work with them. OR you can proactively select the agent who will be helping you with one of the largest and most important transactions of your life. Here are some things to consider when choosing an agent.

    Experienced in the AREAS that you are looking. Not just neighborhoods – but also consider other important factors about what is happening in the city, surrounding county or school district issues.
    Are their new commercial developments happening around that might impact (good or bad) your home purchase?
    Experienced agents also have experienced PARTNERS to help you with all kinds of things along the way. Those connections are very important and will save you hours of research. Having a warm hand off to service providers and especially lenders who are knowledgeable about the specific lending needs is HUGE. And lastly, experience in SOLUTIONS! Experienced agents will discuss and prepare you for some of the common roadblocks and will have strategies to help you work through the obstacles that may arise. Being able to negotiate with other agents from a solutions mindset makes all the difference in the world.
    This might seem kind of picky – but trust me this is going to matter more than you know! I want to take a little time up front to get to know one another. Maybe over coffee we will talk about your plans, your needs and find out what expectations I can meet or exceed. During the negotiations of a contract communication is vital – you don’t want to wait until then to find out that your agent hates text messages or only returns calls twice a day. It might also be business – but believe me real estate is PERSONAL. Some agents approach to real estate is what I call the FAST FOOD or drive-thru approach. You deserve a sit down experience!
    Also, life is too short to have to deal with cranky, negative people. It’s just a good idea to meet up and ask questions and get answers. A short meeting upfront sets the stage for a great transaction where you are informed and ready for what happens next.
    Find out what kind of schedule an agent keeps. Is this their full-time job? Many agents work real estate as a part time job and will have limitations on when they can show, return calls or follow up with clients. Do they work with a team? Having team members to help with things from time to time keeps things running smoothly behind the scenes and allows more time for agents to spend with clients showing property etc. These are just a few things to consider when choosing a buyer agent.

Becoming A Client Rather Than Just a Customer

Once you have connected with an agent that you want to work with you will want to sign what I call a Loyalty Agreement. (Or Buyer’s Representation Agreement) Without this you are considered a CUSTOMER and only entitled to the minimum services. The Loyalty Agreement not only outlines how an agent will be paid ( usually by the Seller) it also outlines what duties and obligations are agreed upon including; confidentiality etc. The only way to become a CLIENT is through a written agreement. Many buyers don’t realize that when they see a home without a written agreement they are technically under SUB AGENCY – which means the agent is working as a Sub-Agent of the SELLER – not for you as a BUYER. Once you sign an agreement, this moves you from being just a Customer who is afforded the minimum duties to the maximum representation from an agent in Texas. You deserve your own Buyer Agent for this important transaction!

What You Can Expect From Me

My personal policy is that I will meet with and show one or two homes without having a Loyalty Agreement in place. I want to give everyone the opportunity to get to know me, ask questions while I am doing the same.
When I meet with new buyers I am looking to see if they are :
1. READY – do you need help with finding and securing your financing?
Ready buyers don’t mind a few questions about their financing plans and cash buyers usually have a letter of verification of funds from their bank – or can request one easily. Ready buyers are open to explore financing or are already recently pre-approved.

2. FRIENDLY & EASILY COMMUNICATES- I am positive, outgoing and consider myself an easy to get along with person. I am also honest and will always shoot straight with you — with a smile on my face. That’s how you “WIN” with me. Negativity, discriminating remarks or dishonesty is the fast track to how you “LOSE” with me. If it’s a struggle to find time to have a short conversation or build trust with one another – we may not be a great fit. And I would rather turn you down now than have to let you down later.

3. AVAILABLE – I always ask my clients what their availability will be for showings as well as for communication. Many times we will need to get e-signatures or have brief conversations via phone, text or email to confirm decisions, options etc especially during negotiations. It’s vital that we can communicate regularly during the transaction to keep timelines moving. I don’t expect 24 hour access of course- and I will always try to communicate during regular business hours.

Are you interested in home buying? Have questions ?
I specialize in helping grandparents move closer to their grandkids, first time buyers, and those relocating from other parts of the country for work or play.
Give me a call today – I’d love to get to know you and help you with your next move !

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